It’s been one wild ride of a year… Who talks like that? Pardon my language, but it’s been one hell of a year. One amazing, loving, difficult, trying, fun & incredible year. We’ve added another baby to our family, took our first vacation as a family of four to a beach town I’ve been going to every year since I was 3 months old. Kai started walking at the beginning of this year and is now talking. Rowan is sitting up, crawling and starting to stand while holding onto something. I started this blog and Chris continues to grow his family business. I stopped working for a while to take care of Kai and Rowan full time. I’ve lost my mind on several occasions but thankfully ended up putting myself back together. I had a dose of post-partum depression, body issues and severe ups and downs but my boys, (Chris included) have brought me back to a good place. It’s been a really trying year, yet at the same time it’s been the greatest year of my life. Even with the days of hating how my body has changed, I’ve never felt more confident. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve learned to embrace the fact that it took 9 months to grow another human in my body, it should take the same amount of time, if not longer to start to feel “normal” again (if there is such a thing). I know it has a lot to do with how Chris makes me feel. He makes me feel special every single day and I’m so thankful for that because sometimes by the time he comes home after work I feel like just giving up. He picks me back up and assures me it’s going to be ok, & that I’m going to be ok. He is the glue that holds our family together.
I’m especially grateful for the love and support I’ve received on social media. You’ve all made me feel really connected to such a large support group and I’m incredibly appreciative for the love you send to my boys. Thank you! Thank you!!

I’ve created a little 2016 review. Since this blog is less than a month old, it’s missing A LOT from what we experienced as a family throughout 2016. I hope you enjoy a look back at my favorite moments and photos!

New Years Eve – Party of 3 (+1 in my belly)

Kai’s very first snow & he couldn’t get enough.

5 months Pregnant with Row Boat

Hanging out by the docks on the Hudson near our Apartment.

Watching Airplanes fly by.

My belly kept growing…& growing…& growing

His smile is contagious.

My sweet baby boy was born on May 6th. He waited 2 days past his due date, but I had a very smooth & healthy delivery and that’s all I could have asked for.

Our photographer, turned into a friend Stephanie Sunderland took the most beautiful newborn photos for us.

Kai & Rowan became friends within the first week of bringing our new little man home.

We have significantly less photos from June because Rowan was not all and we were complete zombies. Happy zombies…but zombies none the less.

In August we took our first vacation as a family of four and it was beyond amazing. I can’t thank Amanda Fogarty enough for capturing our family photos on a beach that I’ve spent every summer on since I was an infant. Bringing my babies there was surreal. 

Thank you all for sharing your year with us and following our family grow! Happy New Year!!! I hope you have an amazing 2017!