I love taking the boys to Central Park. I grew up in a small town in Upstate NY with a big backyard & would constantly be exploring with my little brother & sister in the forest behind my Grandmother’s house. We would build forts, go on adventures and pretend to “discover” new lands. Things were VERY different 15 years-ago when I was 12. No cell phones, having a home computer with internet access was a new thing and you would entertain yourself with beanie babies. (I would pretend they were on a dating show or competing at a beauty pageant… what a little weirdo!) There was also this thing called “going outside to play”. Crazy, I know! Now I’m trailing into grandma status, one sentence away from “..when I was your age” haha.

I strongly remember LOVING to explore outside as a kid which is why I try to take the boys to one of the many parks or playgrounds in the city as often as possible. It’s easy to get caught up with all the unique things the city has to offer like museums, restaurants, theaters & landmarks that you sometimes forget that what a kid really wants to do is have a wide-open space to run around like a little crazy person. That’s exactly what Kai did when I tried combining a trip to the park with a mini photo-shoot. Whenever we shoot, Kai has a cooperation time limit of 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter if the shoot is 20 minutes, 1 hour or half the day. He gives me all of about 5 minutes and then runs away to do his own thing. When he runs away, Rowan & I do our own thing and Kai gets to be the little free spirit that he is. My little boys have such different personalities. Chris & I get the best of both worlds with them every-day, it’s so much fun!

Dress : For Love & Lemons

Sweater : Old, but you can find a similar look on sale ranging from $30-$50 here – Use code DROP30 for $30 off your order.

Photography by Smiley Kids Photography 

^^ What I post on Instagram vs. What usually happens at a shoot. ^^