One of the best things about the weather getting cold is having an excuse to stay cozy & warm inside, snuggling up my boys in our PJs. I may have recently picked up a slight baby pajama buying addiction. They are just so CUTE! When buying pajama’s for my boys this is my check list of what I look for –

  • #1 – They need to be soft and comfortable. My boys sleep and play in their PJs, so comfort is first on my “must” list.
  • Simple/Clean/Adorable. I don’t like text and graphics on my boy’s clothing. I don’t mind subtle designs and cute animals, like little teddy bears but some brands go overboard with crazy colors and logos.
  • As mentioned with #1, my boys spend a lot of time in their pajamas and thin materials show wear and tear after a couple of washes. Higher quality baby clothing is a good investment. I’d rather spend $20-$30 on one solid, high quality pajama set vs. 2 not so nicely made sets for $10 each. And if you’re anything like me, having two baby boys means you’re washing clothes… you’re washing clothes A LOT. Food & drink spills… throw it in the wash. Markers & Crayons… throw it in the wash. Diaper accidents & endless drooling (I’m looking at you Row-Boat) … well you get the idea. Unless I’m buying an inexpensive pack of onesies that I won’t feel bad about throwing out if we have an “accident”, I really take note of the quality of fabric when buying clothing for the boys.
  • Photographs well – Yeah, I said it. This is my shameless mom-tographer reason & comes last on the list since its usually not a prerequisite for purchase, it’s just an added bonus. Through the years, I’ve come to know what colors look best on my boys and what colors photograph well. Since both boys have blue eyes I tend to buy lots of light blues, greens and grays to bring out their eye color & during the holiday season I love putting them in reds/grays and white. Overall, lighter colors photograph better (in my opinion).

At the bottom of this post you can find a round-up of my absolute favorites for this holiday season & (bonus!) some of them are now on sale (including the gray & white henley sets for $12!). I went thru several sites that sell Burt’s Bees to find the lowest prices & posted them below. Many of them also have additional discount codes once you get to the site.

***I did not receive any kind of sponsorship for this post & personally purchased these pajama sets. I can honestly speak for their high quality & love them all.***

My favorite set for baby Rowan is the Red & White Striped Rugby jammies (we used them for his Christmas photos with Michael Kormos Studio here in NYC).

The Henley sets are by far my favorite new clothing additions for Kai (I bought them in red, gray and white…I’m obsessed). The Henley top reminds me of something my husband would wear & when they dress similar my heart melts.

It’s also very versatile. I had Kai wear it for his birthday party paired with a cute dark gray blazer and jeans.

If you want to purchase or learn more about any of these sets for your little one, please do so by clicking on the photos below. I receive a small commission (usually 2-3 cents) each time someone clicks on one of these links, regardless if you make a purchase or not. I really appreciate it as it allows me to save a little money to pay for the products I review & share with you. Thank you!