Being parents to a 2-year-old and 9-month-old in the city without much help means Valentine’s Day doesn’t always fall on the actual holiday. My husband, Chris and I celebrated Valentine’s Day two days ago, on Sunday. We went out to brunch in the West Village to one of our favorite restaurants, that happens to have an amazing all you can drink brunch deal for $15. Three very strong margaritas later, paired with no babies (or ticking time bombs that scream at detonation) to constantly entertain in sight, it was safe to say it was one of the best, most romantic Valentine’s dates ever.

Kai has been going to daycare two days a week since Rowan was born, so that I would be able to give Rowan the newborn 1-on-1 attention he needed & so Kai could get in some social time with kids his age. He doesn’t see anyone his age on a regular (or even semi regular) basis so part time day care seemed like the next best idea. Since he’s started he’s learned A LOT, and I feel like his speech has really developed because of it.

Once in a while my Mother in Law will take Rowan for me on a day that Kai is in daycare to give me a day to myself to run errands, work, go shopping, clean and really just be able to breathe. I’ve probably had about 6 days to myself in the past 9 months and it’s really been catching up with me. It’s also had an effect on my time with Kai. It used to me just me & Kai, one on one, 24/7 and I really miss my quality time with him. This week my Mother in Law offered to watch Rowan to give me a day off, & even though a day to myself is incredibly appealing I asked if she could watch Rowan on a day where Kai isn’t in school so we could have the day together. That day happened to land on Valentine’s Day so today it’s all about Mommy & Kai and I’m SO excited. I really miss our days together, and I’m letting him help me choose our schedule for the day. When I told him last night that we would be spending the day together, going to a museum, getting a milkshake and playground hopping with mommy he got SO excited and it made my life. It’s moments like this that make motherhood so incredibly unique and amazing.

In two years (both the shortest, and longest two years of my life) I went from having one love of my life, to three. & tonight, we will be spending Valentine’s together at home with all four of us. With all this love fairy dust being thrown around today, remember Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. To me, Valentine’s Day is about love. You can celebrate love with anyone important to you in life, which includes yourself. xoxo

**These Valentine’s Day photos were taken by the amazing Evengia of Smiley Kids Photography**

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