I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend!

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family & it was the first time many of them met Rowan, so a lot of hearts were bursting last night.

Today, we stayed at home, just the four of us in our jammies & decided this will be our new Christmas day tradition. We face-timed my family who lives up near Buffalo & my dad who lives in Texas. It was so beautiful and unusually warm here in NY that we made a trip to the playground. The city was a ghost town which is always magical & we had the best time together.

Kai formed his first sentence today “Can I have a cookie please?”. Chris & I pretty much melted all over the floor & it was the best present of the day.

Below are a few photos from the boy’s Christmas shoot. Kai ran around like a crazy little person 99% of the time so I’m really surprised the photographer was able to get these 3 photos of him. Rowan was beaming the entire time & happy to fill in for Kai. How can you not smile by just looking at that face??