I’m starting a photographer Q&A series of posts where after a family shoot I ask our photographer a few questions about tips for shooting with a family, like what to wear/where to shoot, & how to make it a pleasant experience for the little ones. (Q&A will be posted with Part II). Personally, I’m still getting into the swing of shooting with both boys and man it can be work! Kai has his days of not noticing the camera and going about his usual business and others when he morphs into Kanye West who is being chased down by paparazzi. Only instead of actually wrestling the camera from the photographer ending in a lawsuit, he just waves his hand, eyes wide saying “naaaoooo naooo!” and runs away. That’s when Kai can go do his own thing in peace and I’ll take a couple photos with Rowan, so when you see a photo of Chris & I with Rowan, just imagine Kai relaxing with his feet up nearby, drinking a baba & enjoying a banana cookie on his little clocked out break. I don’t want Kai having a negative association with getting his photo taken so I try not to ever push him to take a photo. Rowan’s personality is exactly what you see in photos, he is just always smiling with the sweetest disposition. During the first half of this shoot Kai wanted nothing to do with the camera (I don’t blame you buddy, there was a lot of interesting distractions going on in the park when we were shooting), but you’ll be seeing a lot more of him when he warmed up in Part II.

At the beginning of November we had our family photos taken. I try to get photos of us all together every few months and we’ve started to get a really nice collection going. I love having photos of both boys during each beautiful stage they go through. They are both growing SO quickly.

We shot at Fort Tryon Park in uptown Manhattan and it was the most gorgeous day. We were lucky to have surprisingly warm weather for November (low 60’s) which was such a HUGE plus for the babies.

Now let the photo overload begin!

The Q&A with our photographer Stephanie Sunderland will be posted with Part II of this photo shoot.

Wardrobe Details :


Rowan’s Knit Beanie

Rowan’s Sweater One Piece

Similar Blanket Scarf

Kai’s outfit is from Zara