A big shout out to my little sister, Olivia who came with us to help with the boys. And by boys I mean mainly Kai who was running around like a little crazy person. Thanks Liv!

As soon as we finished shooting, Rowan was out like a light!

Stephanie started to shoot again because sleeping babies are our weakness! We did a photo almost exactly like this for our newborn shoot when Rowan was only 2 weeks old and I LOVED it so much. I’m so happy to have these next few images.

As promised, here are the rest of our photos from our holiday shoot. I can’t say enough about our photographer, Stephanie. We’ve worked with her several times now & have built such a lovely relationship together. She shot my maternity photos when I was pregnant with Rowan and once he was born, I booked her right away for his newborn photos. There’s something really special about finding a photographer where the dynamic is effortless and I’ve found that with her. Not only is she incredibly talented, but shes so sweet & patient with the boys. As young as Kai is, he is really perceptive and knows when someone genuinely likes and wants to be around kids & he gets that from Stephanie. I always look forward to our shoots together!

I did a Q&A with Stephanie for wardrobe, location tips & choosing when to shoot. Her last answer made me feel a lot better about Kai. As I mentioned in Part I of our holiday photos, Kai can be very unpredictable when there’s a camera around and I sometimes get overwhelmed on how to handle the situation. Patience is key right?

Thank you Stephanie!! 

Q & A with Stephanie Sunderland

1. What do you recommend families wear for a photoshoot?

Deciding what to wear to your family session can be stressful. I like to tell my clients to focus on a few things when it comes to what to wear. First let’s talk about what not to wear 🙂 Avoid anything with words and logos. These can be distracting and date your photos. Second don’t wear colors that will blend into the background for example, green park/green dress. Other than that, you can wear anything you like! I do suggest dresses or skirts for women and girls, it is a good way to break up the outfits and dresses are flattering. Also, feel free to mix up patterns and texture’s, this is usually done with layers. Some suggestions are cardigans, sweaters, blazers, jackets, tights, scarfs, hats, etc. My last piece of advice would be to make sure your outfit makes sense for the season and the location. For example, you might want to go more casual with summer clothes on the beach and more fancy in a nice park or urban area.

2. How do you choose locations? What advice can you give to a client who wants to choose their own location?

Choosing locations is one of my favorite parts of my job. I enjoy finding new spots to shoot, it helps me stay creative. Typically, I ask what kind of atmosphere my client would prefer, nature, city, beach, woodsy? Then I suggest a few different spots based on what they would like. Sometimes I have clients who have a certain location in mind that is meaningful to them, which I love. I usually just make sure the lighting will work at the time of day we are scheduled to shoot. We do this either through phone photos or facetime!

3. Do you have a favorite time of day to shoot?

I usually prefer back-light, so my favorite times of day to shoot are in the morning or about 2 hours before sunset!

4. My son Kai, as you know can be moody & depending on the day he might want to run far & fast from the camera. Do you experience that a lot working with kids? Any advice how to handle an antsy baby or toddler during a shoot?

Children are unpredictable, and often when working with a child from 18 months to 3 years old it can be challenging. My first piece of advice is to be realistic- they will not sit still and smile at the camera on demand, so don’t expect that 🙂 I always have the parent’s help me get them to smile because they know them best and will know what makes them laugh! When I am having a hard time, I will have the parent’s “play” with them to get them distracted. A few of my go to’s are: lifting them in the air, spinning them around, holding them upside down, or putting them on dad’s shoulders. If those don’t work sometimes we give them a break or a few treats 🙂 (always bring small non-messy) This will usually do the trick and we can get some great photos.

Wardrobe Details

My two piece look was from Ministry of Style & unfortunately sold out but I found similar styles here (comes in black & white and is 50% off), here, and here. Similar shoes here.

Rowan’s beanie

Kai’s outfit is from Zara