It’s been 3 weeks since our trip to Mexico, but it feels like it was just yesterday. At the same time, it also feels almost like it was a dream because it was hands down our best vacation to Mexico that we’ve ever taken. Chris & I have been going to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico once a year since 2011 & we’ve stayed in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta. This year we did a little more research than usual since a 5-night vacation away from the boys is incredibly rare and almost impossible. The quality of the resort we wanted to stay at had to be amazing and worth the trip.

I can say with all honesty that Le Blanc was by far the most beautiful, luxurious and accommodating all-inclusive resort we ever had the pleasure of staying at. From the welcoming check in, to the quality of service each moment we were there, it felt like we were in our own version of paradise. I posted a lot of Instagram stories while we were there and received SO many messages either 1. Telling me they’ve been to Le Blanc and that it’s one of their favorite resorts 2. Asking where we were and if I recommend visiting and 3. Commenting how it looked like heaven. I can’t recommend Le Blanc enough. When we picked up the boys from my In-laws we had so many good things to say that by the end of our vacation re-cap, my mom and dad were already planning their trip to Le Blanc.

Romantic little secluded hammock I found near the beach. <3

Vacation tip : Buy a cheap pair of sunglasses for the trip and leave your expensive pair at home. I always loose my sunglasses or end up really damaging them by forgetting a case or throwing them in a beach bag. Chris doesn’t like to listen to me and brought his expensive pair. Chrisssss.

^Face-timing with the boys made being away from them a little easier. We would call for a few minutes everynight… and every morning… and sometimes in the afternoon. ^

Below is a break down of my favorite things about Le Blanc & why it stands out from any other all-inclusive resorts I’ve stayed at in Mexico. 

I love food. Food is one of my best friends and the food here was INCREDIBLE. I love all-inclusive because even though you’re paying for the food and drinks in your hotel room price, never seeing a bill after a meal or trip to the pool bar is glorious. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to what I order at a restaurant and how much it costs because let’s face it, NYC is one of the most expensive cities in the world so coming to a resort and never seeing prices on a menu is like a free for all for me. I’m like a kid in a candy store but this candy store serves some of the best food and drinks I’ve ever tried. They have several restaurants to choose from – A causal lunch menu at the pool for poolside and beach service, an a-la-carte buffet, an Italian-Mediterranean restaurant, an Asian restaurant, and an incredibly romantic and elegant French restaurant that we went to twice for dinner. Formal wear is required at the French restaurant which means I was living my fantasy because I wish I could dress up every night for dinner.

The drinks were plentiful and never-ending. No matter if you were by the pool, on the beach in a cabana, in your room, at one of their restaurants, or causally hanging out in one of their gorgeous common areas, there was always a server ready to bring you a drink of your choice. Usually at resorts they have a list of 5-10 drinks, but not here. Their drink menu was several pages long of pretty much anything you could think of. I love lemonade on hot days, so I ended up asking them if they could make something that wasn’t on the menu – a frozen lemonade with vodka. Not only did they make it incredibly refreshing and delicious, but they were more than accommodating and happy to make something that wasn’t even on the menu. Now compare that to NYC where so many bartenders and servers act like they are doing you a huge favor by just taking your order. You can’t compare the excellent service at Le Blanc to anywhere else. It’s that good.


The pools were gorgeous, the perfect temperature and well taken care of. Most importantly, there was ALWAYS a pair of chairs available. I can’t tell you how many places we’ve been to where you have to fight for an empty chair (not literally, but once a couple of years ago at a resort in Cancun we actually got into a bit of an argument with an older couple who put one flip flop under a pair of beach chairs at 7 am and came at 3 pm demanding we get up and that they “saved” that chair. Some people….).

The beach was perfection. The resort must have some kind of deal with the people who sell trinkets on the beach, because you don’t get harassed at all like you do at other resorts. They usually call at you or whistle to get your attention to sell you a bracelet or hat, but at the beach attached to Le Blanc, they would silently walk by and if you wanted to buy something all you had to do was get there attention and they would come over to you. The water was gorgeous and the perfect temperature and the servers on the beach were so attentive. The moment you sat down on your beach chair, someone came over with a bucket of ice and two water bottles. Paradise.


Our room was beautiful, so spacious, clean and well kept. We had a mini-bar with every type of liquor you could want, and a mini-fridge full of snacks and cold bottled water. We had a large Jacuzzi in our room that overlooked the pool and beach with the option to have it ready for us when we got back from dinner with rose petals in the water & a bottle of champagne with chocolate covered strawberries. Talk about romance. Also, the 24-hour room service is super dangerous (we have no self-control) but one of our favorite things to have while we are on vacation. A couple of glasses of wine brought to your room, to chat over before getting ready for dinner is the best way to start the evening.

The quality of service was one of my favorite aspects of Le Blanc. Every single employee always had a smile on their face and was more than happy to help with whatever you needed. Everyone was so nice, respectful and just happy that you couldn’t help but smile back and instantly be in a good mood whenever you spoke to someone who worked there. On our first night, we were so out of it that instead of having a glass of wine at the bar after dinner we ordered coffee. The next day the same server remembered us and asked if she could offer us some coffee and without asking she made it exactly how we asked for it the previous night. Can I just move in? We were so spoiled here.

Lastly, something we were blown away with was the type of crowd Le Blanc attracts. Raising two baby boys can be incredibly challenging & quiet/calm are two words we no longer know, so when we go to all-inclusive resorts in Mexico they also have to be All-Adult resorts because we are just looking to relax and indulge in the beauty of silence. Don’t get me wrong, kids are great. Children are the most precious things in the world, but sometimes I want to sit out in a beach chair by the pool and not worry that someone is going to cannonball into the pool splashing me into looking like a drowned rat. Not a good look. And even more importantly, seeing other children and families and not having your babies with you is the ultimate mood crusher and would make me want to hop back on a plane to NY to be with them.

The crowd at Le Blanc was perfect. Everyone was looking to relax, unwind and just “be”. At other all-adult resorts that we’ve been to, there would always be a crowd of 30-50-year old’s acting like they were on spring break. They would bring footballs to throw around the pool, blast their own stereos to play loud obnoxious music and would get so drunk that they could barely make it back to their rooms by the end of the day. If you’re looking for that kind of experience, Le Blanc is not for you. Le Blanc was pure elegance, relaxation and romance. An overall 5-star experience and I cannot wait to start planning our next trip back!


If you guys have any other questions about our trip please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m more than happy to answer them all! 🙂

& Thank you for the incredible memories Le Blanc!