Makeup Must Haves

This a round up of everything I currently use and can’t live without.

Alright. Technically speaking, I could live without them, but my face would be extremely sad about it.

You may be thinking “Whoa Bethany… That’s a lot of Tarte products.. Do you work for the company or something?”. The answer is no, I’m just really, really obsessed with all of their products. I have super sensitive skin, and never once have I had any issues with any of their products. (I have broke out/gotten rashes/splotchy skin, you name is from many other well known brands).

My go-to foundation is the water foundation, but I’ve recently been mixing in a little of the BB foundation and I really love it for a light coverage/natural look.

For my brows (which are spotty and need some extra love) I use a combination of the mousse and powder. The mousse comes with it’s own brow brush but the powder does not. (If you decide on just the powder, you can get a cheap eyebrow brush at your local drugstore, or a nice one from sephora.)

Happy Shopping! 


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