When Kai made me a mama I had zero mom friends. None. I felt so alone navigating motherhood and it was hard. I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice, or to vent after an especially struggling day. Transitioning from my old life to my new one was a life-changing experience. At first, I was scared that I would be losing myself, but in fact, I found who I was meant to be when I became a mommy. With these changes, I really wanted to find a few mama’s who I could relate to. I wanted play dates for the boys, and mom-dates to exchange our best mom fail stories. (and triumphs every once in a while, haha!)

Through Instagram, I’ve found a handful of mama’s who I’ve become close with. We check in with each-other on a weekly (sometimes daily if it’s been a rough week) basis to catch-up & to see how we are doing or if we need any advice/help/need to vent. I’ve also been lucky enough to meet some really lovely mama’s here in the city. I went from having zero mom-friends to now having a handful of really ambitious, loving mamas that I’m so proud to call my friends. One of these ladies is Dikla Goren of Girl Plus Two. Shes a super sweet mama of 3 who lives nearby, here in NYC. She has two very handsome boys, and one beautiful baby girl. I can really struggle with my two boys, so watching her navigate the city with 3 littles makes me feel like anything is possible! We recently took our babes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed by a picnic in Central Park. (Not shown are Dikla’s two boys who were in school & my Row Boat who was napping in his stroller in the shade.)


1. No judgement. No judgement when your toddler has a complete meltdown in the middle of time’s square because you don’t have a banana. No judgement when you have to pull your stroller over on your walk in the park to change your baby’s diaper on a park bench. No judgement when you slip your babe a lollipop because you know that it will save you at least 3 future toddler tantrums. No judgement when you’re 30 minutes late to a playdate because they know how it takes an extra half hour JUST to con your toddler into getting his shoes on so you can leave the house. No judgement when your baby puts a little dirt in his mouth because it’s not the end of the world. And if you think your baby has never had dirt/grass/sand in his/her mouth, then you’re living a big ol’ lie because it’s happened.

2. Play-dates. Play-dates are like free babysitting. Your kids play together and entertain each other while you get to watch, relax a little, and you know… just breathe because sometimes you forget what that’s like.

3. Early curfews. When I go out for dinner/drinks with my Mama friends I never have to feel guilty about heading home at 7:30/8 pm so I can get home in time to put the boys to bed and kiss them goodnight because they get it and want the same. Another plus? We usually meet up at 5 pm meaning HAPPY HOUR & cheap drinks!

4. Venting Privileges. Every mom needs to vent. If you don’t, it just builds & builds up until you lose it. Trust me, I’ve been there and it happens! (sometimes more than once in a single day) Venting releases our mom stress and also bonds us, making us grow closer from our similar daily struggles, like how your toddler is now on a bread diet and refuses to touch or even look at another food without losing his cool and turning into a monster. A temperamental monster who survives on bread, and bread alone.