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I’ve gone through SEVERAL thermometers in the past three years, one broke by just falling on the floor ONCE, one stopped reading accurately and kept saying I was 60 degrees Fahrenheit (someone call the doctor!), one the boys HATED because it took so long just to get an accurate reading, and one died at the hands of Kai and his torturous thermometer ways. Who knew you could have so much trouble with such a straight forward household item. After a lot of research, I finally found “the one”. The one thermometer to end all troubles. The one thermometer to rule them all. I found The Thermo.

Warning: When I love a product, I rave about it. So be prepared for the incoming rave.

I love everything about this thermometer. First off – It’s incredibly easy to use. No fidgeting around in hopes of getting an accurate reading after several tries on your squirmy wormy of a toddler. One simple scan across the forehead and VOILA. You don’t even have to make contact with The Thermo, you can hold the thermometer slightly away from the forehead & it gives an accurate reading. Raise your hand if your child hates getting his/her temperature read. ::Raises both hands:: This simple reading feature has been a lifesaver for my household.

My second favorite feature is how it tracks temperature readings. The Thermo automatically sync’s with its dedicated APP allowing you to track temperature readings, get reminders, and input related symptoms/medications right on your smartphone. I don’t know about you, but since having children my brain is gone. It left without even saying goodbye and I forget the simplest things like how to put a shirt on correctly and which shoe goes on which foot but with the tracking feature all I have to do is take out my phone at the doctor’s office and all of the readings are right there in chronological order for your pediatrician to review.

Still not convinced that you need this device in your life? Ok. I got you.

Here’s a list of why I think you need The Thermo –

Incredibly easy to use
Avoids any discomfort – Simple scan across the forehead, you don’t even have to make contact with The Thermo.
Tracks your babies fever – The readings automatically synch with your smartphone so you can easily track your baby’s fever on the Thermo app.
Good to use for the entire family – You can track up to 8 different users.
Readable at night – With its LED lighting, you can bring the Thermo into your baby’s room in the middle of the night and take their temperature without ever having to wake them up.
Self-measurement – The Thermo gently vibrates twice letting you know your temperature has been recorded.

Click here to learn more about The Thermo & start making life a little less stressful during cold/flu season.