1. I start with foundation – I use Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea foundation which is water based and perfect for the summer. I use their Airbrush Foundation Brush for application, but 50% of the time I just end up using my hands to apply. (The brush is super, super soft though and the best foundation brush I’ve used.)
  2. I do my brows using Brow Mousse in medium-brown (it comes with it’s own brush) and I then set it with Brow Powder in rich brown. I follow my natural brow shape filling them in/making them a little darker and then give a little bit of a higher arch. I love Angelina Jolie’s eyebrow shape so I sometimes use red carpet photos of her as inspiration while I’m doing my makeup.
  3. I use Crease-less Concealer. It’s high coverage, so you only need the tiniest bit and it goes a long way. I use a little on my eyelids as a eye-shadow primer, and around my nose where I have redness.
  4. I finish with the Glow Pallet. I can’t praise this pallet enough, it’s my go-to for contouring. I use the Slenderizer Contouring Brush for application and it’s magic. The glow pallet comes with 6 shades made up of 5 powders and 1 cream. My favorites are the bottom two, the cream shade of “shade” (haha…not kidding that’s what it’s called) and I then blend that with the darkest powder shade called “sculpt”.

^ Screenshot from the Instagram story I posted today. Please excuse the messy background and not-so-nice lighting.

I start my “going out” makeup look by the same as above. I then add –

  1.  Eye-shadow with the Bloom Pallet. This is my absolute FAVORITE eye-shadow pallet. It works for everyday and you can build to your look with the darker colors for an going out look. I used to use Urban Decay’s Naked pallets, but they have all been replaced by Bloom. My favorite shades are the bottom 4 shades of funny girl, sweetheart, rebel & leader.
  2.  I then apply Lash Paint Mascara. It’s natural, without clumping and looks really, really good
  3. I use Double Take eyeliner on the outside of my eye to create a cat-eye look. A very thin line that wings slightly up.
  4. I line my lips with the Lip Crayon in the color “Latergram”. It goes on so smoothly and if you over-line the tiniest bit, your lips look at least 30% bigger.
  5. Lastly, I use MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy. It’s my favorite lip-stick shade of all time, and I’ve tried so…so…so many lipsticks. I’ve been disappointed time and time again, but then Velvet Teddy came into my life and we’ve never parted ways since.

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(This is not sponsored in any way by Tarte. I just love their products. So, Tarte…if you’re looking at this right now. Send me some products..Please 😆)