I reached out to Victoria last summer when I came across her breathtaking Instagram account.

The way she captured motherhood through journalistic style photography was so raw, honest & beautiful. She works out of Connecticut and we ended up shooting when she came to NYC in October. She’s the kind of girl you immediately want to become friends with. She’s one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met, and even though we had just met, I felt like I could spend hours, and hours talking and getting to know one another.

She came up with a gorgeous & original concept of “My Motherhood Story”. She preserves your personal motherhood story in its truest form by blending in & observing your world for the day.

Victoria spent the entire afternoon with us while we chatted over coffee, feedings, playtime, runny baby nose-wipes, diaper changes, mini tantrums (I’m looking at you Kai) and all the little things that make up a day in my life of motherhood.

After our session, she sent me over some personal motherhood questions and made an absolutely gorgeous keepsake in the form of a book which included the answers to my questions side by side with the photos from our shoot. I can’t wait to grow old with this book and look back at when my boys were the little babies they are right now. It was so incredibly hard to narrow down the photos to my absolute favorites because they were all so beautiful and meaningful to me. I had to ultimately break the shoot down in two blog posts because there were so many moments I want to share with you. This 1st post will cover the first half of our session together in our apartment. In my 2nd blog post, I will be sharing the actual book Victoria made for me along with a couple of the personal questions that are in my motherhood story and the rest of my favorite photos.

I hope you enjoy our photos! & if you’re in NY, NJ or CT – do yourself a favor and book a motherhood session with Victoria. I can promise you, your motherhood photos and storybook will become one of your greatest treasures!

Victoria’s Website