Whenever I’m not with the boys, I need to have something on me, or with me to keep a little piece of them wherever I go. It could be a pacifier in my purse, or a necklace with their name on it, something close to me that I can look at when I miss them. Call me crazy, but even just an afternoon without their craziness makes me go through withdrawals.

I met Jackie Cohen, creator and owner of “My Story” back at a HeyMama event last December. She was showing her gorgeous designs at the Christmas party I was attending and I was drawn to her pieces right away. We’ve kept in contact ever since and I thought with Mother’s Day coming up – it would be the PERFECT time to showcase and share with you her lovely motherhood story and jewelry collection.

Jackie traded in her career in finance on Wall Street to travel the world. She climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, explored India and Europe and ended up volunteering for the Israeli army. When she returned to the states, she partnered up with her brother to run their family’s Jewelry business. She was much happier there vs. her time in finance but still yearned for something more. A family. After thousands of dollars and multiple rounds of IVF, she made the beautiful decision to adopt. I think adoption is one of the most admirable things a human can do. Giving a baby a loving home and hopeful future is the greatest gift imaginable. Jackie’s story is inspiring, humbling and ultimately left her with her beautiful baby girl, Julia. Her motherhood journey is anything but ordinary, and her baby girl inspired her to create her jewelry line – “My Story”.

“Every woman has a story. Tell yours in color, share it, celebrate it, and always keep it close to your heart.”
This quote really resonates with me, because every motherhood story is different, beautiful and should be told & held close to you every day. Having a piece of jewelry that isn’t only beautiful, but tells a story and represents a symbol of love is the trifecta of the perfect gift for any Mother. “My Story” is a mix of rings, necklaces, earrings & bracelets which you can customize to fit whatever color stone resonates with your story. For me, it’s aquamarine which represents Kai’s December birthstone & Emerald, which represents Rowan’s May birthstone.

Everyone has a story, and I think it’s beautiful that Jackie came up with the concept of keeping your story with you everywhere you go through color. It could be a birthstone to represent your children, a stone for the month you met the love of your life, or a stone that represents your own mother and all she’s done for you.

Jackie’s story is inspiring, her jewelry is beautiful, and I couldn’t be more proud of all that she has accomplished.

Thank you for sharing your story with me Jackie!

You can view Jackie’s full line here.
& for my NY Mamas –My Story is having a month-long trunk show at Barney’s Upper West Side location where you can see all her beautiful designs in person!