Pro – You have so many public transportation options. Subways, Buses, Shared Car Service, Rickshaws, my personal Uber also known as my husband, and Piggy Back rides on Mommy until her legs give out.

Con – Not many people care that you’re struggling to get down the subway stairs with two toddlers, a bulky stroller and a 20-30 lb. diaper bag because Kai NEEDED to bring his 4 favorite toys with him or else he would lose his mind. I get offered help getting our stroller down the stairs maybe 1 out of every 10 trips. But, I mostly just get eye rolls whenever anyone sees me getting down the stairs because I’m holding them up with my baby entourage & inconveniencing them for a whole 20 seconds.

Pro – An endless selection of playgrounds and parks to play and explore in.

Con – You get introduced to many “interesting” parenting ideals forced on you. An older kid aggressively snatched a toy right out of Kai’s hands and when I went to ask him for it back, his mother came up to me and said “This is how we share. Your son had the toy, now my son wants to play with it and he can have it back when he’s done.” Um no… Just no.

Pro – You’ve got SO many delicious restaurants to choose from.

Con – My toddler is currently on a strict “Chicken and Bread” diet. He came up with it… I don’t know the logic, but I’m hoping he moves on from this phase soon.

Pro –NYC is home to many movie theaters that play old classics, as well as early movie screenings of films that won’t be released anywhere else for weeks.

Con – A babysitter in NYC costs an average of $20 an hour, so unless you have family nearby or are rolling in dough, a date night of dinner and a movie will cost $80-$100 more on top of what you’ll pay for the actual dinner & a movie.

Pro – Educational museums and exhibits to take your kids to.

Con – I once had to literally run out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art because Kai had a full-blown tantrum. I can still hear his screams echoing off the museum’s ginormous ceilings. “I NO WANT MUSEUM ANYMOREEEE”.

Pro – I love being surrounded by so many people, it makes me feel comforted always hearing background noises at night knowing I’m never alone.

Con – Until that background noise turns into construction in the form of a jackhammer right outside your window at 7 am in the morning, waking both you AND the babies up.

Pro – Some apartments have AMAZING views of the city.

Con – Those apartments are WAY out of our budget.

Pro – The countless pigeons keep the boys occupied when we are in the park & they LOVE to chase them.

Con – It’s entertaining until one of them decides to poop on your head…