Sometimes, and by sometimes, I mean very often I get hung up on themes and specific topics for a blog post but my mind doesn’t always work that way. Actually, it rarely works that way. Most of the time, it’s just full of random thoughts & ideas that don’t go together at all, so here’s my new series dedicated to the crazy mess that is my mind. I have way too many photos that I want to share, and not enough time to draft up crazy essays on one specific topic. So, every now & then, I’ll write about whatever has been on my mind and maybe, just maybe you’ll get to know me even better than you would if this were a traditional blog post with a definite topic.

  1. I don’t know what it is about this week, but I’ve been so uninspired & unmotivated. I’ll just sit at a blank word document for 5 minutes thinking about everything BUT what I should write about. Hence… this new series.
  2. I’ve been having a hard time getting on track with my never-ending to do list (I’m sure you can all relate to this). Where do I even start? It’s so daunting to know that as hard as you may work to narrow down that list, by the end of the day 10 more things have been added. I’m taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. I’ve started sitting down at my computer at the beginning of the day (preferably before the babies wake up) to write down a list of everything I want to accomplish. Anything from putting aside time to wash and blow dry my hair because that’s an actual to-do these days, to completing a job for Instagram/my blog, to something as simple as changing the boys crib sheets. I make sure to write it ALL down or else I will inevitably forget something(s).
  3. My biggest challenge these days is sticking to ONE chore/errand at a time. I’ll be picking up the boy’s toys when I notice that I forgot to clean the dishes after breakfast, so it’s my immediate reaction to stop picking up the toys and to go do the dishes. When I’m doing the dishes, I get a phone call and stop to take it. After the phone call, I go to the computer to write a follow up email to confirm the job details we just spoke about. After the email, I see that I have several new emails that are time sensitive. You get the idea. It’s continuous and at the end of the day I end up doing 50% of 10 chores, vs actually fully completing any of them. Do you guys have this problem? Is Momma-ADHD a thing?
  4. I’m obsessed with new show on USA with Jessica Biel called “The Sinner”. It’s fantastic and keeps you on the edge of your seat EVERY episode. Chris and I binge watched the entire season within a week and the season finale was last night. If you need a new show, close this browser, get yourself to a TV and watch this show! Its dark, but SO GOOD, & Jessica Biel is AMAZING in it. I’m not going to give away anything specific about it’s plot line, just trust me and go watch.
  5. I’m slowly losing my mind over Kai’s temper tantrums. He is becoming so defiant lately and just wants to say NO to every single thing I do or say. It’s not all the time. He can be a complete little heart melting angel most of the time, but he can turn into a crazy anger fueled demon toddler within seconds.
  6. I need to take a break from work. Between the boys, trying to find one-on-one time with my husband at the end of the day, and work deadlines, I can’t remember the last time I spent some time for myself, by myself.
  7. I should have a sticker on the top of my phone that says “Stop comparing yourself to others”. I get into a habit of checking out other bloggers pages and all I see is my head is that everything I’m doing/saying is “wrong” and I should be doing this or that instead. No. Stop. Be yourself, that’s why people are following you, they don’t want to see a copied version of someone else on your page.
  8. I need to start working out and eating healthier. And I need to stop just saying that and actually make some changes. I’ve been having coffee as my breakfast and quickly eating up what the boys don’t finish for lunch that by the end of the day I’m starving and I either eat way too much for dinner or snacking on everything in sight until bed time. My poor tummy… My poor waistline…
  9. I’m completely obsessed with the dress I’m wearing in this post. I’m all about comfort mixed with feminine dresses and wearing romantic pieces like this warm my soul.

*Photography by Mila Eugenia

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