My little sweetheart is 8 months old. These have been the slowest, yet quickest 8 months of our lives. The first four months felt like they dragged on forever in the moment because we were running on 3-4 hours of constantly interrupted sleep but looking back now it feels like he was a squishy, tiny newborn for only a week. I miss those two first weeks of newborn smell and napping on and off all day. Rowan’s the sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet & I know I’m overusing the term sweet but it’s the perfect word to describe him. He makes Chris & I use baby-talk when he we look at his face because his smile is SOO SCHWEEEETT < and we are not baby-talk people so this crazy, high pitched, gibberish talk is new to us. Strangers come up to me all the time to comment on what a calm & kind demeanor Rowan has. We could be waiting 45 minutes in a crowded doctor’s office & he just stares at everyone and gently sits on my lap, rubbing my hands as if patience is already one of his virtues.

Rowan’s 8 month milestones and developments –

Rowan has become more curious than ever these past few weeks. He’s always thinking about his next move. Instead of diving head first after something he’s interested in, he will look at it for a minute, think it over and then carefully reach for it, and examine it. If he’s standing up and holding onto something, he will look behind him to see if the space is clear and then gently let himself down. He’s also crawling & getting into everything! Even as I’m putting the finishing touches & corrections to this post he is currently swatting at my keyboard, adding gibberish (I’ll blame him for my grammar mistakes haha). If I have any last-minute work to do while the babies are awake, I like to take my computer to their playroom & sit with them while they play. Although, there are always casualties in the form of lost work from a chubby baby hand coming down like a hammer on the off button in the middle of my typing.

He’s got this intense motivation with everything he does. If he see’s something from across the room that interests him, he makes a determined B-line straight for it. There have been times I look away for a moment & when I look back he’s already made it to the other side of the room. I don’t think I could have made it there as quickly as he did. Little speed devil. He’s becoming strong enough to pull himself up while holding onto the edge of his crib or the couch. His face looks as if he were Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, hanging for dear life on the ledge of a canyon, which is hysterical but he’s getting better with his strength day by day. Rowan’s also extremely handsy. When we go out to eat, he sits on our lap and we have to move everything out of his grasp because he is so STRONG with his hands and will reach for anything in his vicinity. He is a pro with his pacifier now and will pick up his paci and put it ever so strategically in his mouth all while never breaking eye contact with me to show he doesn’t need to see what he’s doing. Maybe he’s trying to intimidate me haha.

Rowan is a clingy little boy. He’s recently realized that Mama can walk away & when I go out of his sight he immediately starts to whine. He could be fine playing with a toy, but once he notices I’m not in the room anymore he gets really upset. A big change I’ve noticed between Kai & Rowan is while Rowan is more clingy and needs me around him, Kai LOVED to cuddle with me. We would take naps together at this age ALL of the time. Rowan turns into a 17 lb bag of snakes when I try to cuddle with him. He is SO squirmy and will only sleep on his own.

We are still going strong with breastfeeding at 8 months, which is a huge accomplishment because breastfeeding Kai was an incredibly difficult struggle. I had SO much first time mom guilt with Kai. In addition to breastfeeding troubles with Kai, the poor baby spit up A LOT and went through a bit of a colic stage. So far, Rowan hasn’t had any issues and it’s been a wonderful bonding experience for us both. He has become obsessed with solid food. Every-time he sees me eating he gives me this little doe eyed look as if he’s trying to say “where’s my food mama??”. Rowan’s a relatively chill baby, but in between spoonful’s he gets SO angry that the food isn’t coming quickly enough, he lets out an annoyed, very loud grunt. My little chunky monkey likes to eat.

At around 6 months we transitioned Rowan from a crib in our room next to our bed to the living room. He falls asleep in our room (we still have the crib in our room) and we bring him out to his crib in the living room when we go to sleep. He’s been sleeping through the night ever since, and it’s like the sleep heavens have opened and let us through their gates. For the first 6 months, he was up every 3-4 hours like clockwork and Chris & I were total zombies. Nap time is another story, some days he will take a long 1 hour morning nap and a 15-30-minute afternoon nap and some days he will only take 2-3 fifteen-minute cat naps scattered through the day. Just long enough for me to get absolutely 0 done because he has bionic ears. I could walk past his room and the softest crack in the floor will make him immediately wake & sit up from a nap. We are now talking about when to put him in Kai’s room. It’s incredibly daunting because I have no idea how they will do together. Kai has always been a really great sleeper, both at nap time and bed time & I don’t know how they will react to each other being in the same room. I guess we will find out soon enough. If anyone has any advice on how to transition their baby into their toddler sibling’s room, please share!

Kai’s little temper tantrums don’t bother Rowan a bit. When Kai starts yelling or crying for something, Rowan just stares at him stone faced. We joke that inside Rowan is saying “Chill Bro … You’ll get your baba soon… Just chill.” He’s also Kai’s biggest fan. He’s obsessed with his big brother and when Kai is in his sight nothing else matters. He could be antsy and wanting to be held but Kai will enter the room and it’s like an 80’s ballad song starts playing, the room fills up with fog and there’s a spotlight on Kai with a fan blowing his curls in the wind and Rowan becomes instantly happy. When Kai asks to go into Rowan’s crib to play with him, Rowan lights up and starts kicking and throwing his arms up. I love the way they love each other.

He’s a total mommy’s boy and we have developed a beautiful bond together & lights up when he sees me. If I smile at him, he goes crazy and it completely melts me. I’ve been with him pretty much every day of his life so far and when I’m out running errands without him I feel like there’s a piece of me missing. Don’t get me wrong, the break is amazing but there’s always a part of me that misses having him strapped to me in a baby carrier when I’m out & about without him. It’s been a journey navigating how to handle two babies under two but with the struggle comes crazy benefits and gifts in the form of endless love from both boys. Watching their personalities develop and grow is SUCH a payoff for the sleepless nights and trying days, and compensation in the form of hugs and kisses makes being a stay at home mama so worthwhile for me. While I might be a mess now, I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel & while they become more independent & keep each-other occupied, i’ll gain a little more mommy-time.

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