It’s been a while since I’ve talked about either of the boy’s developments on the blog, and since I missed Rowan’s 1 year updates (2nd child syndrome), might as well use this as an excuse to do a 14 month update!

I can’t believe he’s 14 months old. (And I will continue saying this until he’s 18 probably)

He is such a fun, happy baby. And yes, I said baby. Even though he is “technically” a toddler, I’m not ready to use the word toddler when talking about Rowan. Kai is a toddler. Rowan is still my baby.

*The boy can EAT. He eats twice as much as Kai ,and unlike his incredibly picky older brother, Row will try anything and everything. No complaints when it comes to food with this one.

*Row’s a wild card. He’s much more mischievous when it comes to exploring than Kai ever was. Kai was always pretty safe and rational when it came to knowing what he should/shouldn’t touch or do. Rowan will try everything and then try it again and again. Anything he touches goes right into his mouth without a 2nd thought. ANYTHING. The dirt outside, the dust bunnies under the couch, a penny, a stick. Anything! And when he tries something, like dirt that is disgusting, he spits it out, picks it back up and puts it in his mouth again. It’s a never-ending circle, which means I have to constantly have both eyes on him. Thank god for my back-up in the form of his older brother who looks out for him and when he sees Row doing something he shouldn’t, he corrects him (usually, pretty calmly and lovingly too).

*He’s taken some steps on his own, but we are waiting for him to be comfortable and confident on his own time without pushing him. I like the word encouraging when it comes to children so much better than pushing. We are encouraging him to walk on his own.

*He’s babbling SO much lately. He was always a quiet baby… until a couple of weeks ago when all of a sudden, it’s baby talk 24/7 and he’s becoming really expressive with his faces and emotions. It’s hilarious.

*Sweet little Row has a temper. From the day he was born, just by looking at him I knew he would be my sweet, mild-tempered calm baby boy. Wrong… When he gets angry, he will let out one loud scream and hit the ground while not breaking eye contact with you as if to say “I mean business”. Looks like I now have two little temperamental young men on my hands.

*Rowan is and always has been the squirmiest little baby. He needs to be in his crib to be able to nap. No cute brothers peacefully lying in bed next to each-other photos, no sentimental mommy-baby nap cuddles together, he won’t stand still long enough to do anything even resembling a cuddle. He just arches his back and wiggles until you set him free like the free bird that he was born to be.

*He will wake up at the drop of a pin. He is the lightest little sleeper EVER.

*Naps are his enemy.

*He has without a doubt, the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. When he smiles you see a glimpse into all that is good in this world. He can lift your mood with just a smile and you forget why you were sad in the first place.

*He is, always has been, and I’m sure always will be completely fascinated with his brother. He’s such a tough little guy. He will jump in his crib and fall banging his head on the side and won’t even blink twice, he’ll just brush it off, but if his brother pushes him away from a toy or walks away from him he becomes an emotional wreck.

*& He’s a total Momma’s boy. (and yes, this is one of my favorite things :-))