So where was I?

Oh yes. The actual shoot. So, we shot and the rest is history…


This is my favorite part of the story.

We were called away to get into wardrobe to start shooting. Ours was the last shoot of the day, so we got to spend about 5 hours getting to know each-other. Even with those 5 hours, I was still nervous. Even more so, because I REALLY liked Chris, and wanted to make the best possible impression. I’m a pretty picky person, which is why before Chris, I didn’t really date anyone in NYC.

But Chris was different.

He was a breath of fresh air.

He gave me butterflies every time I looked at him. That’s so corny, but it’s true and he still does to this day. My heart warms up, skips a beat & I start to get red and blush. Just last night, I had to interrupt him talking, to tell him how handsome he is. To me, he’s strikingly beautiful inside and out.

Back to wardrobe that day.

I was put in lingerie and a silky cami-top. Chris had a t-shirt and jeans on. Way to make me feel objectified and naked Cosmo. We were called to the shoot set up and looked over at a… ::Drumroll:: Bed! We were shooting in a BED! Talk about skipping the 3-date rule and hopping right into bed with a practical stranger. We were shooting with a female photographer which made me feel a bit more comfortable. She told us to get on the bed and asked me to take Chris’s shirt off. Now I’m starting to blush just writing about this. I was a complete hot mess of anxiety. I really liked this guy and now I have to take his shirt off while a camera clicks away every few seconds. Not only do I have to play it cool, but I need to make this whole scene look natural, all while smiling and hamming it up for the camera. Who said modeling wasn’t easy? Well… rolling around in bed with the cutest guy I’ve ever met isn’t exactly the worst day of work.

So there we were. On the bed. I’ve taken his shirt off and now the photographer wants us to stand next to the bed and “playfully” fall onto the bed into each other’s arms. I’m an awkward mess. Now she wants me to take his pants off. I’m dying inside… Dying. I’m a pretty reserved person and now I’m taking the pants off someone I just met, in front of a crew of about 5-6 people. She then stops me mid-button and says “Um… Well maybe that’s too suggestive.” YES! Yes it is! Thank you for letting us avoid that uncomfortable moment. We are back on the bed and the photographer asks us to pretend like we are about to kiss and to put our heads close together. Things are going well considered the extremely intimate situation we were in and she stops again to ask me if I have a boyfriend. What a strange question to be asked mid-shoot by the photographer. I tell her no, and she puts two fingers together asking if we would “possibly be comfortable with actually kissing”. Chris is the first to say “yes”. Even though my answer was yes, I did NOT want to be the first to answer, especially with the possibility of Chris saying no. That would have been the most embarrassing moment. But he didn’t say no, he said yes and I look back and forth at Chris & the photographer for a quick couple of seconds before agreeing to the kiss.

We ended up kissing for about an hour. I never kissed someone EVER for a modeling job so this was a first (and would be the last) for me. For being thrown into an incredibly friendly situation so quickly, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as you would think. The first few minutes, yes. But once we started kissing, I forgot that there was a camera and crew around, and only saw Chris. He was so great at making me feel at ease and when we took breaks for the photographer to look through the photos, we would joke about how crazy this whole thing was. Chris told me years later that during the shoot, every time we would take a break in between the kiss & the photographer would walk away for a moment, he really wanted to kiss me, but thought it might be too forward. I said “Too forward?! We were already kissing for an hour!”. He thought it would have made me uncomfortable, and didn’t want to take a chance because he really liked me. I wish he did kiss me in between shooting. I think it would have been a romantic moment, and confirmed how interested he was.

The photographer ended the shoot with “ok you guys. We’ve got the shot!” while we were still kissing. I guess we were pretty caught up in the moment because she had to repeat herself (haha). That was it. End of the shoot. I started getting bummed. I loved being near Chris, and even though he seemed like he was enjoying spending time with me, I didn’t know if he wanted to get together, or ask for my number after everything was said and done. I’ve heard way too many heartbreak stories of “He acted like he was really into me, and I never heard from him again” so I always had my guard up.

After the shoot, I got changed back into my clothes first. I was WAY too shy to offer my number, but there was no chance I was going to leave just yet. Instead of leaving, I sat in a chair acting like I was still getting my things together, I remember fake checking my phone and just wasting a bit of time to give Chris the chance to ask for my number. Chris came into view, made his way to the changing room and before I could fumble with my phone to look busy, he made a B-line for me instead of going into wardrobe. He leaned down, smiled, and whispered in my ear “wait for me”. I remember being really, really surprised. I thought he might have casually asked for my number, or suggest we get together sometime, but asking me to wait for him so we could spend some more time together immediately after the shoot? That pleasantly surprised me and I was on top of the world in that moment.

He changed and we left together. Instead of saying goodbye when we leave the building, he asked if he can walk me home. My dorm was only a couple blocks away, and this was the only time I wished I had a longer walk home. He asked me for my number and if I wanted to be his date to a dinner event that next week. We spent the next couple of months going on countless dates, becoming best friends and moved in together by the end of the year.

Seven years, an incredibly surprise romantic engagement in Italy, two weddings and two babies later, here we are.

Looking back, I truly think we were meant for one another. Someone saw our photos, thought we would look nice together and chose us for each-other for this particular shoot, on that particular day. We happened to be signed with the same agency, at the same time, in the same city. I could have had an exam that day, and not been able to work but it all happened, and it brought me to the most wonderful man I’ve ever met in my life and eventually to my two baby boys. I don’t talk much about my relationship with Chris, but it’s brought me A LOT of joy writing this all out, and re-living it all over again. I’m going to continue my love series with more posts about our relationship and how we’ve gotten to where we are today. I’m so happy by the overwhelming response to Part 1, and I really thank you for your time and interest in our story! I wish you all the love in the world. If you haven’t found “the one” yet, let this story be a reminder that it can happen! And sometimes, when you least expect it. xo

& of course – Here are the photos from the shoot! Advert your eyes if you’re faint at heart.

Needless to say our family did not get a copy of this magazine haha.

I think they were used 4 or 5 times that I know of, and oh yes I bought a copy of them all.