Many thanks to Target for sponsoring this post! As always – the thoughts, opinions & experiences expressed below are entirely my own.

I’m 99.999% positive this partnership was handpicked & specifically tailored for us. I buy most of the boy’s clothing at Target & their favorite movie right now is The LEGO Batman Movie (note: adorable photo op in the holiday section). It’s been on all..of..the..time. I can now quote it line for line. So, if anyone out there is looking for a LEGO Batman impersonator. Call me.

I spent one Saturday doing a little Target holiday shopping and outside of the endless options to deck out our home, I picked up a few outfits for the kids from a Target brand called “Cloud Island”.

What are the boys wearing in these photos? Oh, I’m glad you asked. 😉 Kai has a 2-piece Blue Striped Whale Set, and Row has on the CUTEST little 3-piece hedgehog set. Both sets cost a whole $9.99 each. This is why I love Target’s clothing for the boys. Their outfits are both inexpensive & adorable, and in my experience, you usually don’t find stores that check both of those boxes. Being that the boys outgrow clothing like crazy, I don’t like spending too much on their wardrobe. Both of these looks are simple (I hate obnoxious logos plastered over children’s clothing), adorable, affordable, & most importantly comfortable being made from 100% soft cotton for their sensitive little baby skin. They also don’t make me feel bad when they inevitably spill all of their dinner on them because they are so easy to just throw in the wash to clean.

My tip to you this holiday season? Make a trip! 🙂

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