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It’s 27 degrees here in NYC on this chilly Saturday. My phone tells me it feels like 17, which means it really feels like 10 degrees where we live on the Hudson River. It’s always SO windy by the river during the winter. Why do I choose to live in a place where the air gets so cold it hurts my face and perpetually makes my eyes water-up during the cold season? We usually go to the playground on Saturday, but given the chill & wind factor I’m waiting until tomorrow when it warms up a bit for Rowan’s sake (Kai’s a beast and can handle any weather). There’s nothing I love more, than having an excuse to stay all warm and cozy inside with my boys. I’m a total homebody so it’s a dream to be a little hermit crab, wrapped up in my favorite soft blanket on the couch with Rowan and Kai on either side of me watching Monsters Inc. with a BIG cup of coffee. There’s a part in Monsters Inc when one of the Monsters says “How could I have been so stupid!?” and Kai looked at me with wide eyes and says “Stupid”. I ignored it so he wouldn’t think it was “taboo” & want to say it more, but still, every time he hears that line, he repeats it. How do kids pick up on EVERYTHING that they shouldn’t?!?

We went to NJ last night as part of our weekly dinner & target trip. Last night’s dinner venue? The ever so fancy and gourmet; ::drumroll:: Bahama Breeze! Nothing gets me more excited than making their happy hour of half off appetizers and $5 Pina Coladas. If you’re looking at your computer like “Wow… that is a sad excuse for a Friday night” & I do not blame you, I would probably be thinking the same thing 5 years ago haha. It’s now the simple things that make me happy. My favorite part of our Target trip is when we get home & unload the groceries. I sit by the door with all the bags and one, by one I give Kai an item to go bring to Chris who is in the kitchen (about 10 steps away because we live in a 2-bedroom apartment) and Kai LIVES for this. I tell him what kind of food it is and he hurries and gives it to Chris telling Chris what it is and comes back to me with a HUGE smile on his face because he’s so proud for helping out. The last thing I give him is the gallon of milk, and he struggles SO hard to carry it to his father. He knows how heavy it is & laughs the entire way, Kai thinks it’s the funniest thing ever and does this nervous laugh while waddling side to side, just to keep himself from falling over. All the while he keeps saying “This the miwlk daddy! This the miwlk!”. He then, finally hands the milk over to Chris and then shows his muscles. It’s our ultimate Friday night entertainment.

I’m especially excited for tonight. On Saturday nights, we order in, usually sushi & Kai steals our ginger. He is such a little weirdo, he could eat ginger by the pound. After sushi, we play with legos, draw, give the babes a bath and read a few books. Once the kids go to bed, the real party begins. Chris & I break out a bottle of wine or a couple of beers and we have game night together. We’ve come up with a pretty solid list of games you can play with only two people. This includes, card games like war, guess who, trivial pursuit, movie trivia, “the movie game” -> Chris taught me this one. One person starts by saying an actor/actress of their choice, the 2nd person then has to say a movie that person has been in, then it goes back to the first person who has to name another actor from that movie and so on and so forth. The first person who is stumped has to forfeit the game or you could play best out of three. We then end the night watching Saturday Night Live, if we make it up till then. Flashback to pre-babies when we would start getting ready to go out at 9 pm, dinner at 10 and dancing/drinks all night, home by 2 am and up at noon. Two totally different, but completely amazing versions of a Saturday night.

Sunday is reserved for the boys. It’s all about Kai & Rowan. We go to the playground, visit a museum, go out for brunch or take a trip downtown to walk around the west village if the weather is nice. On Sunday night after the kids go to sleep, Chris and I catch up on our favorite shows because during the week, we never get to watch the show when it actually airs. Right now, we are really into Taboo (we’re both huge Tom Hardy fans), or we watch an episode of Mad Men on Netflix. I have a love-hate relationship with Don Draper.

Well… this post was going to be a couple of sentences about shooting with Victoria Gloria of My Motherhood Story, but turned into a weekend round-up post. Victoria is absolutely amazing. A talented photographer, and a lovely person (a TOTAL sweetheart). My boys both love her, and Kai grew especially attached to her when we shot these most recent photos. Victoria lives in Connecticut & came into the city for a mama photoshoot, and reached out to see if I was available to get together after. OF COURSE! I adore spending time with her. She was nice enough to stop over to take a few photos of the boys and we shot for about 15 minutes and then went out for lunch. She makes the most gorgeous photo-books of her shoots with mama’s and I’ll be getting mine from our first shoot very soon. I can’t wait to share it with you! You’ll be seeing a lot more of Victoria’s work in the future because 1. Her photography is amazing & she captures the sweetest little moments and 2. I will be needing an excuse to see her on a more regular basis.

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